Interview: Jaws of Justice Radio

I had the privilege of talking about Hahnscratch with Jeff Humfeld at Jaws Of Justice Radio, on 90.1 FM KKFI Kansas City. Jaws Of Justice is also available as a podcast, and can be streamed directly from their website here.

2 thoughts on “Interview: Jaws of Justice Radio

  1. Dear Matthew,
    I am Holly Davies, Andrew Davies’ mom. You may remember him from Bellarmine. Having just read your piece on China Hill, I must say you write very well, and your material is fascinating. I think you should write your memoirs as a novel based on true life. What happened to you, Brady and Woods was horrific, and a terrible mistake on Father Murphy’s part. The whole story needs to be told and should be told.
    C. Holly Davies

    1. Hi Holly, I do remember Andrew and, ironically, I just thought of him last week and tried looking him up on Facebook. Thanks for your kind words and your interest in my writing. I’ve often thought about that incident at Bellarmine as the only instance in my life in which I got into trouble and didn’t deserve it. Everything else I had coming, in some form or another. I was just discussing it the other day with one of my former teachers from Bellarmine. I’d never thought of telling that story in the context of my writing, I guess mostly because it doesn’t seem to relate so much to my usual subject matter. Its an interesting thought because, tangentially, my expulsion from Bellarmine had a pretty significant impact on the general attitude I had towards life in the years that followed.

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