Sword & Scale: Episode 89

Sword and Scale is my favorite podcast, hands down. I’d heard about the true crime podcast through word of mouth and started listening sometime last spring. It only took a couple of months to blast through each episode, listening to many of them multiple times. I followed Sword & Scale on Twitter and Facebook, commenting every now and then when I felt inspired to do so.

Mike Boudet, the host of the show, noticed one of my comments. I think it had something to do with a gruesome tale in an episode and how I really hadn’t been affected by it, having heard numerous tales of gruesome acts while I was in prison. This sparked a periodic Twitter messenger exchange that lead to a social media friendship and, eventually, this episode of Sword and Scale. I hope you enjoy it.

From the podcast synopsis:

“Matthew Hahn is bright, eloquent, friendly and just generally the kind of person you like immediately.  He’s the kind of person that will tell you everything about his life within seconds of meeting him, but only if you ask.  He’s an open book which is unusual, because once you hear his story, and your jaw drops to the floor with the disbelief that what you’re listening to is not his tall tale, but a reality that this person you’re speaking to has lived through, there’s one other fact you have to accept:  Matt Hahn is a criminal.  And you still like him, because his moral compass is stronger than most…”

If you like the podcast and want to hear more of what Mike has to offer, check out Sword and Scale here.  The podcast can also be streamed from iTunes.

6 thoughts on “Sword & Scale: Episode 89

  1. Hi matthew–I really enjoyed hearing your story, but one thing left me wondering. After you anonymously turned in the camera card with the offending photos, how did the cops track you down to arrest you? I either missed it completely, or it was never explained. Thanks!

  2. I have just listened to the Sword and Scale episode. Have been listening to the podcast for a while now and this episode was an eye opener. You are a brave, inspirational fellow and I’m so happy you are happy. You deserve it.

  3. Matthew,
    Thank you for sharing your story! Your actions speak a lot about your character, that fact that you took action, knowing that the end result may be that you would be stuck in prison for life, is commendable. The fact that you turned your life around after doing all that time is even a greater testament to your character. You have really turned your life around despite the obstacles put in your path, which is an amazing feat in a world where people can find an excuse for anything.

    By the way, I loved the cute little shout out to your wife! I wish you both the best! I look forward to reading about your perspective through your blog and eventual book. Also, congratulations on 12 years sober!!

  4. I was trying to find something to drown out the mix of blaring radios and loud neighbors that was driving me nuts so I just clicked a couple of apps and prompts and hoped I would get lucky! Wow, was I in for a surprise! Your story is riveting and amazing. I have come away from it inspired and intrigued. Your consciousness and acting upon it despite your addiction is an incredible testimony for all of mankind. You very well may have saved this child’s life.

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