Sword & Scale Rewind, Episode 89

It’s been more than a year since Sword & Scale, Episode 89 was released. Since then, I’ve received thousands of questions about small details regarding my case, or big details that somehow got left out of the original interview. “How did I get caught?” was the most common question. “Did I ever meet the family of the child?” or “How did the police find out that I’d been the one to turn in the photos?” were runners up.

All of these questions and more are answered in this episode of Sword and Scale Rewind, the after-show to Sword and Scale. Join Stefanie Wider-Taylor, Matt Fondelir, and myself for this “lighter-hearted” follow-up to the original episode.

The episode can also be streamed from iTunes, other podcast apps, and the Sword & Scale Rewind website.


One thought on “Sword & Scale Rewind, Episode 89

  1. I live the original interview because he let YOU talk… the woman interviewer keeps rambling on. She’s all over the place. “I mean… you know… like…” 😩☹️

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