Locked In With Ian Bick

On the latest episode of Locked In with Ian Bick, Ian and I discussed the path that lead me to prison, my time there, and what life has been like since coming home. Addiction, crime, firefighting, recovery, Buddhism, and service – its all there.

This conversation was particularly unique because it was between two formerly incarcerated people, an interview format I’d never done before.

Locked In with Ian Bick can be streamed wherever you get your podcasts and viewed on YouTube.

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5 thoughts on “Locked In With Ian Bick

  1. Wow, I forgot about you, because I’m self absorbed. I’m glad I signed up for something. I’m tuning in. I found you on I. G. Wen I posted my trip to Folsom, as a tourist. I’m stoked and waiting for the book dude! Peace D. Brown

  2. I hope to install my son and daughter with as much character and integrity as this man… we need more people in the world like this great man…

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