Chasing Heroine: An Addiction Recovery Podcast

Join Jeannine Coulter and I as we discuss my addiction and recovery story. From meth monsters to sobriety, nighttime crime sprees to Buddhist meditation, and from Alcoholics Anonymous to Recovery Dharma, this two-part podcast has it all.

Chasing Heroine is hosted by Jeannine, who was an active drug addict and alcoholic for fifteen years – her use led to multiple arrests, homelessness, and the loss of absolutely everything – which she considers to be the best thing that ever happened to her. Visit her website here: HERE

The podcast can be streamed at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, wherever you typically listen to them, or by clicking here. HERE

In this episode, I discuss the Recovery Dharma program as an alternative or supplement to traditional 12-Step programs of addiction recovery. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to visit the Recovery Dharma website (HERE), where there are online and in-person meeting listings, as well as free PDF and e-book versions of the RD basic text.

Chasing Heroine is also available to view on You Tube, where it as also a two-part episode:

Part One of Chasing Heroine w/ Matthew Hahn

Part Two of Chasing Heroine w/ Matthew Hahn

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