Introducing Dirty Hands, Clean Dharma

I don’t publish writing here at Hahnscratch very often any more, mostly because my prison-related stories will be going into a book and I’m focusing my energy there. Another reason is that a lot of the writing I do isn’t specific to prison. I decided it’s time to share some of that with you.

I invite you to check out my newish website, Dirty Hands Clean Dharma, which focuses on personal transformation, meditation, recovery, and Buddhist-related subjects. Some stories are cross-posted here, so if you liked “15 Years” or “Prison Dharma”, you’ll probably like Dirty Hands Clean Dharma.

Please check it out. (here)

6 thoughts on “Introducing Dirty Hands, Clean Dharma

  1. Hey man — I’m a CA criminal defense attorney, and your blog is really helpful to me to figure out what might happen when a client of mine is sentenced to prison. Very thoughtful writing.

    I’m trying to puzzle out how to “keep track” of a client, and sometimes it puzzles me. For example, I don’t find you listed when I type your name into the CDCR inmate search site. Have you been released? Or perhaps I’m still not quite getting it.

    In any case, whether you’re in or out, good luck, and thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. Hi Matt. Long time. Your road has been an inspiration. I’m also a felon as of 2016. Much different circumstances however. Got my shit together.
    I relapsed March 2020. Hard. My thread is very thin. But I’m still trying.
    I’m afraid you will ignore this.
    I’m petrified that you won’t.

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