BBC Outlook – A Stolen Safe

From the BBC Outlook webpage: “Matthew Hahn used to burgle houses in the San Francisco Bay Area to pay for a drug habit. One fateful night in 2005 he stole a safe from someone’s home, hoping that its contents would fund his next high. But he was horrified to discover that the safe contained evidence of a very young girl being sexually abused. Matthew felt he had to do something to help the child, but due to his past criminal record he knew he faced life in prison if he admitted to stealing the safe. His decision would have profound consequences for both himself and the girl’s abuser.”

This episode of Outlook is available in iTunes, or wherever you stream your podcasts from. Also available at the BBC Outlook website (here). Originally aired 9/20/21.

3 thoughts on “BBC Outlook – A Stolen Safe

  1. Wow… what a story… everything happens for a reason and sometimes jusy because you do bad things, does not make you a bad person in the inside. Anyone can be redeemed.

  2. Every time I hear your story I am moved beyond words. The themes of learning to love ourselves when we are most unloveable, learning to forgive ourselves and others, transforming pain and shame into beauty and love are beautiful. Thank you for continuing to remind us all of these important human practices.

  3. When I listen to your interview I was brought to tears. Thank you for sharing your story. You are truly what humanity is about. God bless you.

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